Changing your 100K Mindset

28 Jan

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      100,000 hours is the average time people spend working, commuting and doing work-related activities (including thinking about work) in their lifetime. This is a seriously scary number, don’t you think? How many more waking hours does that mean that you’ll be at work, doing your job, for the rest of your life?

      Ask yourself: Am I happy doing the job I’m doing? Is my job the best reason why I get out of bed everyday? Do I love what I’m doing? 50% of working adults in the UK are unhappy in their jobs and are looking for a more rewarding career. Many cite boredom, bullying, lack of career prospects, lack of training and development, and not being valued as some of the key reasons why they’re unhappy.

      Are you one of the unhappy 50%?

      Consider the prospect of continuing to work for 100,000 hours in your current role. How does that make you feel? Chances are you’ll experience these symptoms on a regular basis:

      • Panic on a Sunday evening about having to go to work on Monday morning
      • Dread on a Monday morning because you don’t want to go to work
      • Worry and restlessness at work from Monday to Friday because you simply don’t want to be there
      • Ignoring the little voice inside your head saying: ‘It’s time to change.’

      Recognise yourself?

      Lebanese philosopher Kahlil Gibran quotes: “If you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work.” When we look at the high level of unhappiness among working adults in the UK, this quote rings so true. Instead of getting paid to be unhappy, why not listen to that little voice inside your head and bring about change in your work and life?

      Take control of your career

      “That’s all good and well,” you say, “especially at a time in the economy where household budgets are strained due to the rising cost of living.” Is now the ideal time to change your career? Why not grin and bear it, remain unhappy, and receive your salary at the end of each month?

      Reflect on the 100k hours of work statistic. Do you want to spend that length of time in a constant state of unhappiness? Life is too short and there are so many amazing alternatives. Scared to take a leap of faith?

      The only way you’ll change how you feel about your career is to have the courage to follow your heart. Perhaps it’s a change of scenery, people or time for you to embrace something in your life you’re truly passionate about. This can be your opportune moment to realise a lifetime ambition, and to give yourself a chance to love what you do. It’s up to you to create an escape plan and to break free of the tedium. You have the choice to do this.

      But what about your financial situation when you give up your well-paid salary? Many people who are dissatisfied, disillusioned and unproductive at work are those who earn the most money. In contrast, for many people I’ve worked with who have taken a leap of faith and discovered happiness in their work and career, it’s not about the money. Happiness, purpose and fulfillment far outweigh the big pay cheque at the end of the month. Why? Because these people are now doing what they love.

      How can you move from unhappiness to happiness in your career? Take a high dose of self belief and say to yourself: ‘Now is my time to do what I love,’ and just do it!

      Just think what you can do with the gift of 86,400 seconds (one day) to get started on your road to happiness. How do you feel about 100k now? Is 100k suddenly less appealing? Are you ready to change your mindset and take the leap of faith to doing work you love? If not now, when?

      Written by Steve Preston, career coach, author, speaker and trainer

      Steve Preston is an accredited, expert career coach, author, speaker and trainer and has spent 11 years running successful career and people development consultancy, SMP Solutions. Known as ‘The Career Catalyst’, has coached and supported thousands of clients across many sectors in making a successful career transition both through company outplacement and private programmes. He is also author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Winning Through Redundancy- Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future’.

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