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As we emerge from economic catastrophe, it is the skills base of our workforce that will dictate our future prosperity. And in a world where skills shortages punctuate most talent agendas, the race is on to ensure the next generation’s future capability is aligned to the needs of organisations in a rapidly changing landscape.

To navigate around this and come up with a co-ordinated solution to match talent supply and demand, there is a need for extraordinary leadership and collaborative effort. So in the next edition of Changeboard magazine, we’re putting the spotlight on the issue of future talent to ask the critical question: ‘what will it take to drive change in the most fundamental leadership challenge of our time?’

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What’s in the next issue? Future talent special

In our ‘big interview’, Capgemini UK’s Chairman, Christine Hodgson, talks about the changing nature of work, why she’s so passionate about driving apprenticeships and how she’s reaching out to girls to consider careers in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Helen Hyde, personnel director at Waitrose, explains why building a career for life exemplifies John Lewis’ approach to developing young talent.

Plus, we speak to HR directors from Asda, Santander, Hilton and Siemens who discuss the problems affecting their sectors when it comes to young people and call upon schools, government and parents to work together.

We also find out how Barclays is pledging to reach 1 million young people through its Lifeskills initiative and how the CIPD’s Learning to Work campaign is helping HR get more youngsters ready for employment.

And in the effort to come up with a co-ordinated solution to bring young people and employers together, Jim Carrick-Birtwell unveils his vision for a careers advice platform plotr.

HR director spotlight

Meanwhile, this issue’s big HR director interview is Helmut Schuster, group HR director at BP, who talks candidly about his mission to find employees who will go the extra mile for the company.

We also find out from HR leaders at NSPCC, DHL and Sodexo how they embed culture in their organisations.

Global mobility

Once you have critical talent in place, providing meaningful insights to inform and drive the agenda on how and where people are deployed is an essential task for HR. Heads of global mobility from Thomson Reuters, AstraZeneca, Marsh and Allianz reveal how they are shaping their functions to align to the talent agenda and provide meaningful opportunities for their workforce.

We also find out how different countries across the globe compare when it comes to quality of living rankings.

Leadership – bringing integration & data to the fore

In our leadership section, Egon Zehnder discusses the risks associated with hiring global executives and consider what organisations can do to better manage the difficulties of a more diverse generation of leaders.

Plus, the CIPD’s CEO Peter Cheese, among others, outlines how you can leverage big data to make informed talent decisions and have strategic influence on the direction of your business.

Education – organisational effectiveness

Our education roundtable features leading academics from London Business School and Henley Business School, who consider the relationship between leadership behaviour and how this impacts organisational effectiveness. We also consider the impact of change on your organisation.

Changing recruitment landscape

Amid a complex recruiting landscape, three global CEOs – Robert Walters, Mark Brewer (The SR Group) & Alistair Cook (Digby Morgan) discuss the future of resourcing and why responding to change is critical in this fast-paced world.

You can also find out what CEOs earn around the world and Harriet Kemp, director of group reward at Compass, reveals what it takes to make it in the specialism.

Changeboard community

Our community section features interviews from our blog with Hazel Keating, head of HR at State Street and Neil Lewis, head of HR operations at Nationwide.

We also report from our recent roundtable event for HR leaders which examined what it will take for talent management to improve.

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Written by Mary Appleton, deputy editor, Changebard

As well as writing thought-provoking articles for Changeboard readers, Mary works closely with high-profile recruiters to enhance their profile and develop their editorial presence. She also heads up Changeboard’s SEO, social media and online marketing division.

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