To evaluate future talent, we have to consider the context. Today is the slowest pace of change we will see – tomorrow will be faster, and the day after much faster still. Alex Lowe, head of industry at Google says: “If today is the slowest it’s ever going to be, we have to plan for fast, unpredictable change as an absolute certainty, and as this change affects the world, technology and the people in the world using that technology, it’s going to have significant impact on how we should plan for future talent.” Want to know more? Read his latest post on the Future Talent blog

The Future Talent conference, held at the Royal Opera House in London, will bring together 500 HR directors and distinguished thought leaders from business, the arts, education and government to debate what it will take to drive change in the most fundamental leadership challenge of our time. Alex will be talking about future trends in technology and what it will mean for work environments.

Speakers include:

  • Peter Cheese – CEO of the CIPD
  • Matthew Hancock MP – Minister of State for Skills and Enterprise
  • Alain de Botton – philosopher
  • Ashok Vaswani – CEO of Barclays’ Retail & Business bank
  • Alex Lowe, industry head at Google
  • Plus many more.

Want to know more about our upcoming conference? Visit the website here >

Written by Katie Richard, online content editor, Changeboard

Katie Richard, online content editor, Changeboard

Online content editor for Changeboard; Canadian in London; lover of books, magazines & design.

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