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What a year it’s been! We introduced our hugely popular career profile series, hosted our first Future Talent conference at the Royal Opera House (and we’re back in 2015!) and welcomed a number of inspiring HR leaders to talk about topics such as diversity, social media in business and encouraging young people into a career in HR. We were also honoured to host the Carnival of HR: Summer open edition, showcasing the best thought-provoking – and controversial – articles from the global HR community.

Join us to reflect over the past year, here’s our top 10 most popular articles from 2014.

1. career profile series

We launched our hugely popular career profile series this year. We’re loving getting know you all in the HR community. Every week we showcase a senior HR professional’s career, from how they started out in HR to where they are now (and the craziest thing they’ve done to land a job!)

HRD careers

Read more (pictured L-R):

2. Changeboard’s future talent conference 2014

The Changeboard team hosted our first ever conference, Future Talent - in support of Plotr and the CIPD’s Learning to Work programme - at the iconic Royal Opera House in London. 500 senior HR professionals joined us to hear inspiring thought-leaders in business, the arts, education, government and HR, share their thoughts, insights and plans on this increasingly pressing leadership challenge.

And great news, we’re back in 2015. With another exciting line up of speakers, make sure you don’t miss out and book your ticket now. Read more >>

3. CIPD launch virtual HR world on Plotr


How did you get into HR? Many HR practitioners say they began their careers by simply “falling into” the profession. So how can we encourage young people to see HR as a valuable, varied and rewarding career choice? Claire Bishop, head of career development at the CIPD, explores the role that the profession and gamification have to play in opening up the world of HR for the next generation of professionals. Read more >>

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?


Rob Ryan, recruitment manager at Tesco Telecoms, urges the question.

“At eleven years of age was either a scarecrow or a milkman – depending on the season and how tired I was that day. But in all seriousness, how is an eleven year old meant to know what they want to be when they ‘grow up’?” He says.

How can we help support and guide young people into the world of work? Read more >>

5. What do millenials want from their employers?


By 2025, millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce. Like any generation, millennials want to make the most of their careers in secure, interesting and fulfilling employment. So why are recruiters so scared of the coming generation? Changeboard’s online editor, Karam Filfilan, raises the debate. Read more >>

6. Changeboard hosted the Carnival of HR: summer open edition


We are delighted to be host the Carnival of HR: Summer open edition. Showcasing the best thought-provoking – and controversial – articles from the HR community across the globe. Read more >>

7. Mum’s the word at the top of the table

Mum's the word

As a working mum of one, Lynne Colgate, interim management partner in Human Resources at Eton Bridge Partners, knows only too well the demands of juggling a career with motherhood. Here, she interviews three senior women HR professionals, all of whom are parents, and asks about the secrets of their success and the advice they would give to those wanting to combine being a mum with a top level role. Read more >>

8. Championing diversity at Nationwide Building Society


Why it is important to have a diverse workforce? We ask newly appointed HR director at Nationwide Building Society, Ann Brown. She reveals the diversity challenges they’re currently facing, how they’re championing their female talent and the numerous business benefits of understanding different cultures. Named as one of The Times Top 50 Employer for Women 2013, Ann shares her top tips on how you can effectively promote diversity in your organisation. Read more >>

9. Getting social with Hootsuite


In today’s rapidly growing digital world, more and more organisations are becoming social. Hootsuite has seen exponential growth over the last three years. The social media company – which has 10 million users worldwide – started as a small team of 20, now has over 700 employees in nine different locations and averages at 10 new hires a week. In this exclusive interview with their VP of talent, Ambrosia Humphrey, tells us how they’re empowering their people and culture with social media, why you don’t need to be a ‘social ninja’ to encourage collaboration, and tips for your recruitment and talent management strategies. Read more >>

10. How employer-friendly is your online persona?

online persona

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 48% of recruiters regularly use social media to check up on their applicants, with a further 12% planning on using social media profiles as part of the recruitment process in the future. A third of employers say that a person’s social media profile can actually improve their chances of getting hired, with a professional image, good communication skills and background information supporting their qualifications all improving chances of being hired. Here are the dos and don’ts for your online image. Read more >>

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May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to Changeboard in 2014. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… here’s to an exciting 2015!

Best wishes,
The Changeboard editorial team

Changeboard editorial team

Written by Sarah Clark, online features editor, Changeboard

Sarah Clark, online features editor, Changeboard

Sarah is the online features editor at Changeboard.

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