Getting your message right and articulating this authentically are key elements of employer branding, according to Kevin Hough, group head of resourcing at LV=. Here, he sums up his thoughts following our future talent workshop.

When considering employer brand from an holistic perspective, reflecting on what we do here at LV= and looking at what other organisations are doing, there are a number of things that I personally consider that make a great employer brand.

Employer brand must be articulated really effectively and get its message across. I often talk about an employer brand being what people say about you when you’re not in the room; but equally it’s important to have an employer brand that says something about you – what makes you different that would get candidates’ attention?  It’s not just the look and the feel of the website and the artwork on any attraction advertising, but the key messages and who is saying them.

Authenticity is key. Your brand must reflect who you really are. It’s no good selling an innovative, forward thinking organisation when that’s not the case. We use social media to get across a really honest view of what it’s like to work at LV= and bring our culture to life. Sometimes it’s great to let your people be free on social media so the whole organisation becomes are ambassadors for the brand. It’s more powerful to hear about a real experience from someone who has lived and breathed it, than a shiny corporate video with no authenticity behind it.

A clever employer brand can speak to a diverse audience. Can your brand attract a range of candidates for different roles? We really try to do this – while the volume of our recruitment is customer service representatives, equally we have very demanding needs for more senior and niche roles. For example, people sometimes think that you need to have experience to work in financial services – and often, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most importantly, you don’t need an employer branding department or a huge budget for it – there is much you can do to drive the employer branding forward.  The biggest mistake people make (and I have done in the past) is to take employer brand off the agenda – it’s not a project that you need to complete every few years – it’s one that should be on your mind all of the time.

Watch the full speaker presentations from the day, below:

Tom Crawford, MD, The Brain Miner

Stuart Woollard, managing partner, OMS LLP & co-founder, The Maturity Institute

Kevin Hough, head of resourcing, LV=

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Written by Kevin Hough

Kevin Hough

Kevin has been the Group Head of Resourcing at LV= since 2011. Since then, he has continued to lead the transformation of the team into a high performing talent acquisition function. The LV= recruitment team is an in-house function and delivers 96% of roles directly without the use of agencies. With over 20 offices and 6,000 employees, it’s imperative that the LV=employer brand is leveraged and the candidate experience is strong and authentic. LV= have been awarded ‘Best Recruitment Team’ at the 2015 and 2014 Recruiter Awards respectively, with Kevin being recognised as one of the ‘11 most influential in-house recruiters in the UK and Ireland’ by Recruiter Magazine. Prior to joining LV=, Kevin has worked for Zurich, the British Army and the police.

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