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In today’s world of work, everything is moving so fast – and we’ve all got so much to do – it’s hard to keep up, get ahead, to even find the time to think about the really big picture stuff.

I started my working life in 1997 – and, in so many ways, that world is unrecognisable from the one I inhabit today. So, what’s the story of work in 2015? What will it be in 2020?

We are all broadcasters

One of the biggest differences, of course, is that we’re living in a more transparent world. In fact, it’s a world where it’s nearly impossible to hide. Organisations used to be mysterious micro-worlds hidden behind glass and steel: now, to attract, to engage, to compete, we’ve all become broadcasters.

Just as scientists are unlocking the mysteries of the human genome, organisational DNA is also being unlocked for the world to see. And that’s the thing about employer branding in 2015 – just as organisations are all broadcasters now, we’re all brand savvy, authenticity-seeking researchers.

Creating real meaning and purpose for your talent

Just telling the world that people are your greatest asset doesn’t cut it anymore – you’ve got to show the world you mean it. And that’s not just about looking good, looking attractive, sounding exciting: creating environments where talent thrives is a commercial imperative.

You can sweat your assets into exhaustion, or you can find ways to sweat them that get the feel good hormones flowing too; that get them fitter and make them champions.

We all want to be productive people. We all want meaning in our lives. If you were lucky enough to see Alain de Botton at the Changeboard conference in April, you may remember him talking about what complex, damaged machines we all are. But he also reminded us that however advanced our technological age becomes, we’re still the same basic biological beings with the same fundamental human needs as we’ve always had.

We need purpose. Community. A sense of belonging. Belief systems. Clarity on what’s good and what’s not. And we all need to make a living.

And, in our ever-changing world full of people hard-wired to be resistant to change, we need help from our employers to understand, adapt to and embrace the ever-changing. Those that show how they can help, do help, and will help, are those with winning employer brands – and, it’s no coincidence, they’re the most successful and sustainable businesses too.

The DNA of employer brand – Changeboard & SMRS event

Getting a handle on your universal story – your culture, your organisational DNA, your offer – is a challenge for all organisations today. And being able to communicate this well means making some significant strategic, cultural, operational and commercial decisions.

Earlier this month we held a future talent workshop on the subject of employer brand, to ask the big questions and explore what a great employer brand might look like in the future.


Watch the full speaker presentations from the day, below:

Tom Crawford, MD, The Brain Miner

Stuart Woollard, managing partner, OMS LLP & co-founder, The Maturity Institute

Kevin Hough, head of resourcing, LV=

Changeboard and SMRS will run a second Future Talent Workshop in October 2015. Stay up-to-date by following our Twitter: @Changeboard, and liking our Facebook and LinkedIn pages: Changeboard.

Written by Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair started his career as a Junior Copywriter in 1996 with employer communications agency TMP Worldwide.

Following his time at TMP, he went for a total career change, moving to Amsterdam to work as a TV producer for UPC (later returning to the UK to work as a freelance video producer).

Another career change came in 2005 when Matthew started working as a freelance brand consultant, before joining SMRS as Executive Creative Director in 2010 (his first permanent role in nearly a decade!).

Based in east London, Matthew splits his time between SMRS London and Manchester (and, of course, his clients all over the UK).

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