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How can you ensure your focus on employer brand drives meaningful, systematic change within your organisation? Tom Crawford, MD at The Brain Miner, shares his insight and reveals where he thinks employer brand sits within an HR function.

Understanding and implementing employer branding

In some ways it amazes me that people are still talking about employer brand. Perhaps it is only in my head that those words are attached to external marketing efforts, rather than meaningful and systemic change.

It also amazes me that I’ve been talking about this subject for almost twenty years. In that time I’ve seen many employer brand exercises start off very well in the recruitment arena, and then run out of steam when it comes to actually getting the organisation to change in a positive way in order to evidence the proposition.

It all gets a bit thorny when you say: “Right, so what behaviours, culture and experience are you going to drive for in order to make this a reality?”

When is that ever going to change?

Where does employer brand sit within an HR function?

Interestingly, in the same week as the recent Changeboard and SMRS event, I had lunch with an old colleague who is now a global HRD. He asked me outright where I saw employer brand, EVPs and values sitting within an HR function, and collectively we decided it should sit with organisational development and learning and development, as they could drive the necessary behavioural change. Why? Because, as we’ve been saying for 20 years, “people join a brand and leave a manager”.

Controversial perhaps, but then I also passionately believe internal communications should sit with organisational development / learning and development because in a world that has moved from broadcast to dialogue, the business leader and the organisational culture are more important channels than the intranet.

Watch the full speaker presentations from the day, below:

Tom Crawford, MD, The Brain Miner

Stuart Woollard, managing partner, OMS LLP & co-founder, The Maturity Institute

Kevin Hough, head of resourcing, LV=

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Written by Tom Crawford

Tom Crawford

In the last 20 years Tom has worked all over the world with leading brands including Zurich, UBS, British Airways, GSK, Volvo Group, KPMG as a consultant with Omnicom and The Brain Miner, and as a director and senior exec in-house at Deloitte, British Gas and Eon.

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