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It’s no secret that a happy workforce is a productive one. Maintaining a positive working environment can provide a major motivation for employees, and it’s plain to see when staff are enjoying the work they do.

But one thing that’s not always apparent is the level of stress that employees are subject to. Stress is an inevitable part of working life, but how can employers and managers identify when employee stress oversteps normal levels and begins to creep into everyday office life? Being quick to respond can mean the difference between having a motivated, focused workforce, and an over-worked, unengaged one.

How does stress affect you?

We conducted a survey to better understand the underlying causes of stress. We spoke with over 2,000 employees about their individual experiences of stress at work, and we also conducted stress temperature tests with hundreds of volunteers where workers measured their stress levels via a stress ‘thermometer’ at regular intervals in a working week.

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