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In your journey across the web, have you ever unearthed a site, blog or video that’s really inspired you? We thought we should put all the gems we’ve discovered into a series of collections for you to delve deeper into.

Whatever personal or work quest you happen to be on, the value of these gems lies in helping you build on your own bank of knowledge.

Here on career sparkle, as we’re all passionate about career, diversity, health & wellbeing and leadership, each gem has been chosen carefully to encourage you to pause, stop and reflect. Use them to further your career development, enrich your own network, or top up your motivation levels.

And if you have any of your own hidden gems, please let us know. We’re all about sharing. Send your gems through to:

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  • Life Clubs

    Life Clubs

    Nina Grunfeld, former Daily Telegraph columnist, is founder of Life Clubs, a series of weekly workshops. She is a respected expert and spokesperson in the field of self-improvement and is author of:  The Big Book of Me, The Big Book of Us and The Life Book. Her blog offers advice and insight from her workshops.

  • Chief Happiness Officer

    Alex is the world’s leading expert on happiness at work. He has long known that happiness at work is the most important factor that contributes to good careers, happy lives and business success. Alex is the author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5 – How to Love Your Job, Love Your Life and Kick Butt at Work.

  • Virgin Media Pioneers

    Whether you’re a budding eBay entrepreneur or someone who’s spotted a gap in the market, we can help you cut a new path. Virgin Media Pioneers Online is all about helping young entrepreneurs ‘make their ideas happen’. Get help to develop your idea, pick up new skills and create your own network.

  • John Lees

    John Lees is one of the UK’s best-known career strategists. How To Get A Job You’ll Love regularly tops the list as the best-selling careers book by a British author. John specialises in helping people make difficult career decisions – difficult either because they don’t know what to do next, or because there are barriers in the way of success.


  • Mervyn Dinnen – T Recs

    He’s been recruiting long enough to have seen off many threats to the modern way of life, from fax machines through email to social media. He’s also realistic enough to know that as a profession, recruitment has to keep evolving.

    His postings cover workplace and employment issues. His biggest passions are football (UK) and music.

  • HR Bartender

    HR Bartender has been recognized as one of the Top 50 business blogs by Business Pundit, a Top 25 talent management blog by Fistful of Talent and one of the Top 50 HR blogs to watch by She’s widely quoted in the USA press and is a regular contributor on Mashable.

  • China Gorman

    I’ve been in and around HR for more than 30 years.  Started my career as an HR newbie at the publisher of The Christian Science Monitor and then spent 20 years in the HR consulting world specializing in the career transition, executive coaching, and leadership development specialties as a business leader at the local, regional, national, and global levels.  Most recently I was Chief Global Member Engagement Officer for SHRM.

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