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These days, we can all work as long as we want and have to. But if you’re in the midst of what you thought would be the final third of your career, the idea that you would be working until you were 70 probably hadn’t occurred to you.

That is, until mortgages, pensions and other savings plans went horribly wrong. In the space of a decade we have progressed from early to delayed retirement. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the last few months, countless well-qualified and experienced candidates have called me in despair. Having held down jobs for years, they are finding themselves unemployed and unemployable, because their age is counting against them.

It isn’t that there aren’t jobs. There are fewer openings and the competition is fiercer, but despite the laws in place to safeguard against discrimination, one of the criteria employers are using is age – neatly packaged as ‘lacking drive’ or missing ‘hunger to do well’.

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