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ZoeFreemanZoe Freeman, head of client sales at Changeboard, introduces the team behind the dandelion and shares her predictions for 2014′s recruitment market.

Tell us about yourself and the Changeboard sales team

With 15 years in the advertising industry I found my way to Changeboard after a long and winding road through the Guardian, IPC and Totaljobs. I look after the heads of the advertising agencies and some of our direct client relationships. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jim Birtwell

Jim Carrick-Birtwell, co-founder & CEO of Changeboard

As Changeboard nears its 10th anniversary this year, we’re reflecting on how far we’ve evolved since launching as a ‘specialist HR job board’ back in October 2004. At the heart of this lies the feedback of our readers and event attendees, who consistently say that they value us most highly as a trusted community for HR professionals.
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2014 has started with a bang for the Changeboard editorial team. We’re hard at work on our February-April issue, which you can expect on your desk, hot off the press, at the beginning of next month. This issue, we focus on the future of HR, recruitment and talent.

As we usher in the new year, Changeboard magazine is getting a new look. But don’t worry; we’ll still be featuring our regular sections of leadership, international, education, careers advice, job seeker handbook and community.

Haven’t subscribed to receive your complimentary copy yet? You still have time.

Here’s what’s on tap for our first issue of the new year: Read the rest of this entry »

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MA image

Mary Appleton, deputy editor at Changeboard

This year promises to be a fascinating time for HR. And with the new year upon us, now’s a perfect time to look ahead. Highlights in 2014 at Changeboard include our 10th birthday, roundtable events, webinars – and of course our quarterly print and digital magazines.

In this Q&A, Changeboard’s deputy editor Mary Appleton tells Sarah Clark about the plans for Changeboard magazine in 2014, who we’ll be featuring in our next issue, launching our Middle East edition and the key challenges for HR professionals this year.

Have you subscribed for your complimentary copy yet? Make sure you sign up now to receive your February-April issue to join Changeboard’s global HR community.


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I was watching an interview with the Olympic cycling team’s coach following the amazing success of Sir Chris Hoy’s gold medal, and when asked how they continued to make improvements on what was already an outstanding performance, his answer was simple: “Make small changes.”

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? In principal it is. The coach gave examples of these “small changes” – one of which was ensuring good hand hygiene, aiming to prevent the team members from picking up infections, becoming ill or missing training.

Old habits create the same results

This reminded me of a talk I recently attended by another Olympian, Ben Hunt-Davis. Coming up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Ben was in the rowing 8’s and the team was consistently coming in 6th or 7th in the world – not a bad achievement for most of us, but they wanted more. They decided that if they continued doing what they had been doing, they would continue to get the same result, so they started to challenge themselves to do things differently. With every decision, they asked themselves one question: ‘Will this make the boat go faster?’ If the answer was no, they didn’t do it. Small changes made a big difference, and they ended up winning gold. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why do your employees suddenly lose trust when you’re going through organisational changes? They’ve watched time and time again as you go through the same old redundancy process, following the letter of the law, accommodating personal circumstances when possible, and treating people well in difficult times.

But when their time comes, there are inevitable feelings of cynicism, doubt and suspicion. Suddenly they want detailed explanations of every minor point in writing, and they want to know the comparison of what you said and what the law says.

Accommodating an employee’s changing priorities

I’ve been on both sides of the table. As a manager, I’ve been frustrated  when people suddenly lose faith in me.  But I’ve also been through it – I became that suspicious cynic, and going through it gave me some insight. It enabled me to figure out what I would want to do differently as a manager or HR support. Read the rest of this entry »

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For too long, we have been mesmerised by the talent of the individual. This singular focus has perpetuated the myth of superstar leaders, heroic top performers and up-and-coming talent. Most organisations have the recruitment philosophy of seeking only the brightest and the best, but are these principles enough to deliver the long-term value needed for today’s organisations?

Successful leaders = successful relationships

How is it that a star performer in one organisation fails to deliver equal value in another? By focusing only on the talents of an individual, we underestimate the influence of personal/professional networks, and the alignment between the culture and purpose of the organisation and individual. In his article Being the change you want to see: developing the leadership culture at Ernst & Young, Peter Hawkins highlights that successful leadership resides in the relationships leaders create, not within the leaders themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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I recently read an article in The Times called The City needs a dose of financial Darwinism that compared the financial services sector to the natural world. It discussed Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection – the idea that characteristics of the ‘fittest’ offspring survive and are passed down – and it was argued that this is just as relevant for banking as it is for animals.

This makes a lot of sense, and it’s not just applicable to financial services, but businesses in general. In our current economic climate, organisations are faced with unfamiliar difficulties, just as individual species would have come across problems during past climatic changes.

This creates a struggle for existence, and some animals and businesses are unable to survive in the new conditions. Extinction is a natural process, but clearly this is no conciliation if it’s your company that is dying out.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. The fact that a wide diversity of species still exist on Earth shows us that there is the ability to survive huge disruptions, and the global economy will also be able to get through these difficult times. Read the rest of this entry »

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A couple of months ago I was reading a glossy fashion magazine and I was amazed when I came across an article that literally crucified women who do not disclose their pregnancy to their current or future employer when applying for a new role.

Just a few months ago, Lord Sugar reported that pregnant women should disclose this ‘particular’ during interviews. It is the old adage: pregnant women are a burden for a company. Is this really the case? With the changes in the Paternity Leave Regulations and the employment law reforms announced in the Queen’s Speech the rules of the game are changing. However the cultural shift has not taken place yet.
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