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Leading in tough times

28 Oct

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      LeadingToughTimes200x233When a team is up against it and defeat feels depressingly certain, it’s often the quality of leadership that dictates whether it sinks or swims.

      At some point, all leaders will be severely tested as they nurture a variety of personalities. To get the best out of your team when times are tough, it’s important to have strategies in place.

      I have these three suggestions to help you.

      1. Coach performance, not results

      When he managed Wigan Athletic, Roberto Martinez had a very limited budget at his disposal. Remarkably, they survived in the Premier League season after season and were finally relegated at the same time as being crowned FA Cup champions. Read the rest of this entry »

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      In its recent consultation on workplace disputes, the government found that: “significant growth in mediation of workplace disputes has the potential to lead to a major and dramatic shift in the culture of employment relations.”*

      The government has recently launched two regional mediation pilots for SMEs, which involve training up a number of mediators from SMEs in the pilot.

      Candid two-way communication

      Until recently, communication in the workplace was a one-way affair: people did what they were told by their superiors and kept their thoughts and feelings to themselves. But over the last 30 years or so, the tide has turned. Candid, two-way communication is acknowledged as far more productive, satisfying and respectful to all concerned.

      But the ability to engage in this kind of adult-to-adult conversation is not a given. It takes courage to speak out honestly to one’s superiors and it requires trust to abdicate one’s decision-making power to one’s ‘subordinates’. It requires deep self-awareness to express one’s emotions honestly without laying blame. Read the rest of this entry »

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      As a consultant change manager, I rarely have all the information from day 1. In fact, the conversation often goes something like this: “Here is the project title and the spec; it was written 6 months ago and has changed quite a bit. Here are a few recent emails and the main person to speak to is Frank Smith. Don’t forget, Frank can only speak to you on Friday for 17 minutes. OK, so project plan sorted and final delivery date by Monday then?”

      Maximise change management potential

      This might sound laughable, but with time pressure in organisations greater than ever, it’s a common tale. As new change managers, our role is not necessarily to know all of the answers regarding the organisation, but rather to ask the right questions. We will only know the right questions when we understand what we are trying to achieve. Read the rest of this entry »

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      From selection interviews or career conversations through to formal talent and succession reviews or board meetings, the effectiveness and depth of communication, and how people share and build knowledge, is critical for success. Communication is often taken for granted – people always talk to each other, after all – but it is also highlighted within employee surveys as needing more focus.

      The truth is that more focused, and effective conversations can increase motivation, improve performance and support any organisation through change. Most importantly, when conversations generate new knowledge and create a shared understanding they also provide a foundation for innovation and agility of thinking. It’s something that is sadly lacking across many organisations right now – and a skill we must hone to create new opportunities leading to economic growth. Read the rest of this entry »

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