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Women on a global career stage

21 Oct

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      WomenOnGlobalStage200x233Indra Nooyi, Marissa Mayer and Ursula Burns are examples of high profile women with very successful global careers. The chair and CEO of Pepsico, president and CEO of Yahoo, and chair and CEO of Xerox have reached the top of their game, but the route to get there can’t have been easy.

      If you’re a woman who aspires to a senior position, working internationally, what challenges will you face and how can you overcome these?

      Pressure on personal relationships

      Last year in Argentina, career transition expert Bruno Matarazzo ran 20% of the country’s expat programmes. This helped secure roles for the partners of women who had moved to Argentina to take up positions with international companies. Although it made financial sense for couples to relocate, Matarazzo reported that partners typically struggled with their feelings of self-esteem, which proved a challenge for women when embarking on their new role. Read the rest of this entry »

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      I’ve been involved in leadership development, diversity and equality since early in my career.

      It’s very encouraging that organisations are recognising the need for diversity within their workforce as a whole, as well as within their leadership. But when we talk about diversity at senior levels within our organisations, what are we generally talking about?

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      Recently, I had the privilege of attending a discussion about the relationship between diversity and innovation within the legal profession. The forum was convened by Rosemary Martin, general counsel at Vodafone and Daragh Fagan, general counsel at Thomson Reuters.

      An unlikely threesome

      In the audience were lawyers from both law firms and the bar, as well as in-house counsel, academics, recruitment consultants and HR professionals. There may even have been a few of us who straddled more than one group. As a lawyer who has worked in the government legal service, law and professional services firms as well as being an executive coach and author, I was perhaps one of the more ‘diverse’ participants. And possibly an innovative one too. So it was with an optimistic and open mind that I joined the audience, who at first raised the odd eyebrow to the idea of these three strange bedfellows being linked together in this way. Read the rest of this entry »

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