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It’s time we start learning from our apprentices say the heads of L&D at Argos, Barclays and BT.

If you’ve been anywhere near the business press (or this blog) you’ll already know that it’s National Apprenticeship Week – and you’ll hopefully know some of the benefits apprenticeships bring. How they can plug skills gaps, boost business growth and should, in time, play a critical part in reducing youth unemployment.

But at the annual Voice of Apprenticeships Conference held yesterday, another fascinating and lesser-known benefit came to light – what apprentices teach us about digital capability. Read the rest of this entry »

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Just back from a very pleasant city break in Berlin – colder than I, and my extremities, would have thought possible, but at the same time fascinating, evocative and with a story around every corner. We took the step, either brave or foolhardy or both, to fly Ryanair. It’s been a while – I’ve been increasingly put off by the owner’s, at best, ambivalent approach to his customers. Nevertheless, the flight worked perfectly around our schedule and the price was right – what could possibly go wrong?  More to the point, I’ve been bombarded with recent messaging focusing on how the airline is addressing its customer service challenges and its previous enthusiasm to extract additional revenue from its passengers at every turn. Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy new year! Is it too late to say that? Well, this is the time of the year that businesses start considering their objectives and goal setting for the coming 12 months, even if their year-end isn’t until April. It’s also a time of change, with January being the month of Blue Monday (officially the most depressing day of the year!) and when more employees resign than any other month of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

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There are few more vibrant, emotive and real-time recruitment market analogies than the football transfer window. During the month of January, teams, whether they are pushing for promotion, fighting tooth and nail against relegation or locked in a visceral challenge at the top of the table, are always on the lookout for a player or two who can make the difference. A player who will appease the fans (or customers) and a player who might keep the CEO jovial and not consulting his employment lawyers. And recent history is littered with individuals who have changed teams and touched glory and others who have, at some point, clearly incurred the wrath of the footballing gods. Interestingly, the transfer window serves not only as a hiring opportunity but also one that impacts on retention and engagement. Talented players who see their clubs selling individuals are likely to draw their own conclusions as to the relative levels of ambition of their current employer and to their own potential longevity of tenure. Read the rest of this entry »

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Much noise is made by employers around securing the best talent, using employer brand to attract the highest performers, and by recruitment firms promoting their first class customer service. But 57% of management to director-level HR professionals we surveyed felt their candidate experience was worse than they’d expected. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve been watching with interest the negative attention given to business jargon recently. I would have said ‘watched with amusement’ but use of terms such as ‘demising’ is far from funny. I won’t rehearse the usual suspects; we all know who and what they are.

But one of the less offensive, albeit less current terms is that of ‘operating outside one’s comfort zone’. This one resonates with me personally. It represents a sense of challenge and it has a focus on personal responsibility: ‘I define what constitutes my comfort zone; I determine what action I need to take and consequently, I determine how far out of my personal zone I choose to travel’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are you a natural leader?

13 Jan

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      In a recent survey, more than 800 international executives agreed that leaders navigating today’s complex business landscape can no longer rely on past experience to drive future success. An overwhelming majority (87%) also said that companies need to think outside the box and be more creative, daring and innovative in their approach to developing and retaining top executives. Read the rest of this entry »

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      At this time of the year, change is on the minds of many as they contemplate the New Year ahead. Some of the most common things considered at this time of year are:

      • A commitment to weight loss and wellbeing (a recurring challenge for myself at this time of year)
      • Consideration of career options
      • The adoption of a new hobby or leisure pursuit
      • A change in hair colour (a favourite of my beautiful wife – currently a combination of pink, purple and silver for those who are interested in such matters!)
      • House sale or purchase.
        Read the rest of this entry »
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       The workplace is changing rapidly. In order to be successful, organisations need to ensure their leaders are well equipped with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the new work environment. But first, they must question whether they have the right leaders in place.

      CEB research shows that organisations with weak leadership benches grow at only half the rate of those with strong benches. In order to be successful in this new work environment, approaches to succession need to better align with changing organisational needs. So crucial is succession that it’s now the top talent priority for boards of directors. Companies know that the right bench strength is critical for business success, but are unsure how to make it happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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