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IsYourJobMakingYouFat200x233It has long been accepted that employers have a duty of care towards their employees when it comes to health and wellbeing. The best employers will go beyond the bare bones of Health and Safety requirements and offer a whole host of support services and benefits, from tackling workplace stress, encouraging the use of healthy living initiatives and effectively implementing and communicating employee benefits designed to make their organisation a happier and healthier place to work.

But when it comes to diet and weight, the focus often falls on the individual. The latest obesity stats paint an alarming figure, with around of a quarter of UK adults (26% of women and 24% of men) falling into the ‘obese’ category. The health implications associated with obesity (increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, strokes and depression) are certainly not restricted to the personal domain, with workplace productivity bound to suffer should employees begin developing these types of medical problems. Yet many employers (and indeed employees) fail to realise the effect the workplace can have on diet and weight. Read the rest of this entry »

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The UK works some of the longest hours in Europe, with the average working week being 37 hours. With a depressed job market, employees are inevitably finding the pressure at work increasing, and the temptation to stay longer or work through lunch hour is often winning out. The result is that many of us spend most of our week inside an artificial office microclimate with central heating or air conditioning as our constant companion. It is certainly not the ideal recipe for health, wellbeing and productivity.

Natural exposure

Being in an office environment reduces our exposure to key natural elements  like  sunlight and fresh air. We spend more and more time in front of our computer screens, sitting under artificial light. To compound the issue, in winter we often travel home in the dark with very little exposure to natural sunlight. Our working lives are often accompanied by common health complaints such as headaches, coughs, colds and fatigue. Read the rest of this entry »

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With the launch of the wellbeing index earlier this year, the government has made it clear that the nation’s wellbeing and happiness is high on the agenda.

But it’s not just the government taking this seriously – many new innovative and forward-thinking brands are taking a new approach to business and leadership, making the wellbeing and happiness of their staff a priority. These leaders understand that a healthy, happy workforce means a productive one.

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