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Leading in tough times

28 Oct

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      LeadingToughTimes200x233When a team is up against it and defeat feels depressingly certain, it’s often the quality of leadership that dictates whether it sinks or swims.

      At some point, all leaders will be severely tested as they nurture a variety of personalities. To get the best out of your team when times are tough, it’s important to have strategies in place.

      I have these three suggestions to help you.

      1. Coach performance, not results

      When he managed Wigan Athletic, Roberto Martinez had a very limited budget at his disposal. Remarkably, they survived in the Premier League season after season and were finally relegated at the same time as being crowned FA Cup champions. Read the rest of this entry »

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      Is doing more with less starting to wane in organisations? Recent figures from the Bank of England showed that productivity levels have fallen by 0.5%, lower than countries such as Spain and Italy who are still struggling with significant economic challenges and waves of public protest about austerity and unemployment.

      For UK managers in the workplace, 76% say the economic climate remains their biggest challenge according to our Management Agenda survey. There’s no doubt that managers are between a rock and a hard place – motivating their teams to achieve their goals while at the same time pairing back the resources with which they have to do it. And then of course, there’s the HR function, which historically has been seen as out of touch with operational reality. In our survey, priorities for HR professionals continue to be change management, managing workloads, staff morale, reduced revenues and budgets. But are these priorities what managers need? Read the rest of this entry »

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      Back to school blues

      It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a child about to return to school in late August, must be in want of a protractor. Maybe a new ruler as well. Hell, why don’t you throw in a pencil sharpener too, just to be sure. For swathes of households across the country, the start of a new school year beckons. Indeed, these are the same households that have been bombarded with ‘Back to school’ campaigns from about two days after the start of the summer holidays.

      And for many of the UK workforce, that same feeling is raising its head. After bank holidays, weeks, even fortnights under a foreign sun, the next week or two signals their own ‘back to school’. And, like many of a school age, it’s a ‘back to school’ they are anticipating potentially without a huge amount of enthusiasm.

      Bleak outlook for engagement

      Engagement levels at many organisations are unlikely to be at stellar levels – exacerbated by news that many companies are currently hoarding employees, according to the CIPD, and may take drastic action over the next six months if the apparently mythical upturn does not start to gain traction. Read the rest of this entry »

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