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Leading with your strengths

08 Jun

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      Marshall Goldsmith, winner of the Thinkers50 Leadership Award 2011, believes too many leaders are stuck in their ways. His presentation: ‘What got you there won’t get you there’, and recent research conducted by people management consultancy, Capp, suggest that the failure to realise this results in ineffective management and burnout.

      At a time of increasing pressure to get more women into the boardroom, fellow Capp director Alex Linley and I offer examples of how female leaders can align their leadership strengths to situations and strategy. In this way, we ignite leadership performance and resist overplaying strengths.

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      With the expectation that today’s female leaders need to be able to show that they can truly ‘do it all’, Nicky Garcea, director at organisational psychology firm Capp, explores the impact of the need to be a ‘juggler’ has on female talent development and well-being, and highlights ways that ‘doing less’, but thinking more strategically about using strengths can be a women’s secret weapon to success.

      In my experience of working with women globally, their feeling of needing to ‘do it all’ and ‘do it all well’ is unanimous. And if the pressure to juggle jam-packed home lives with getting a promotion, wasn’t stressful enough, researchers also believe that this desire to balance home and work causes a significant decline in happiness. Read the rest of this entry »

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