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‘Diversity’ is a buzz word – but what does it actually mean for companies and what is being done in terms of recruiting the right talent? Read the rest of this entry »

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With direct recruitment high on the cost-saving agenda, employers are advertising more roles than ever through mediums like LinkedIn. What happens when you click on that button to apply for that post? We’ve heard lots of stories, but one keeps reoccurring…

Transactional interaction

We’re told that initial communication with in-house recruiters are fairly transactional. There might be a short telephone interview to start with, but dates are confirmed by email based on the strength of a CV and the ever-important LinkedIn profile. There’s no prep, no background explanation, no scene-setting and no advice. Candidates are going in to an interview pretty blind except for the generic job spec and their own internet research. Once they’ve overcome this, the next tricky part appears to be following the interview. How easy is it to give honest feedback directly? Not very, especially if there are reservations about the interviewer. How easy is it to negotiate directly? Pretty tricky – HR professionals are not trained negotiators. Many of our candidates at this stage wish they had an intermediary to manage these communications. Read the rest of this entry »

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Has recruitment really changed in our technology-focused society? Many of my clients ask me to review the effectiveness of their employer marketing and attraction strategies, and I always start with the very simplest of viewpoints: as an employer you are trying to woo the best people in the market. Are you persuading them to notice you through the tools you’re using?

How are you using social media?

Lots of employers have careers sites and a presence on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. They may post jobs there, but it’s rare that they’re interacting with potential recruits through posting articles or fostering conversations. This social presence has no resemblance to the resourcing a business does through other sources, such as their employee referral scheme, networking events or selection processes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Although the current recruitment marketplace can best be described as turbulent, there is currently a strong focus on the candidate experience. There are a number of reasons for this.

In some sectors where recruitment is vibrant, there are significant skills shortages. Ensuring that talented individuals join you rather than a competitor means paying attention to all of the candidate touchpoints, not just the offer. In many instances, budgets are tight. There’s a real focus on optimising the performance of the recruitment process to reduce cost and time to hire.

As more and more organisations focus on managing their employer brands, there is a recognition of the need to establish an authentic impression of the internal culture to ensure appropriate fit and avoid costly, early attrition. Read the rest of this entry »

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Applying for a job can be a full-time hobby for many unemployed people and, as I’ve learned from recent personal experience, it’s often a soul-destroying one at that.

The internet has made it easier to advertise roles – vacancies get seen by far more people, along with job descriptions and other information. It’s also convenient for candidates, who can submit their CVs and supporting statements electronically.

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