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Advances in technology have allowed recruiters to interact with clients and candidates on the other side of the world, opening up many business opportunities and giving us access to a global talent pool. If we think about social networking tools, HR teams can now reach a wider audience and engage with potential employees in new ways. It’s clear that there’s huge value in this, but is it possible that we have become too technologically advanced?

Many of the members I’ve spoken to within the TEAM network seem to think so. Every quarter, we have regional meetings where our agencies can network to share problems, offer advice and discuss the current recruitment market. This always raises some interesting points, and the use of technology in recruitment was one such issue that came up recently.

At the meeting, it was recognised that it’s fundamental to build relationships with clients and candidates. HR and recruitment are ‘people businesses’ after all, and there is great value in really getting to know who you’re working with as it allows for a much more personalised service. Read the rest of this entry »

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Organisations across the UK are struggling to retain top talent and the labour turnover for management roles has risen dramatically in recent years. A study by Chartered Management Institute and Xpert HR found that 1 in 10 managers resigned from their jobs in 2011. The same study found that 3 out of 5 organisations that participated in the study are experiencing challenges with recruitment and are struggling to hold on to managers.

In a turbulent employment market, retaining high performing employees, particularly managers, has become critical. According to a study by Sullivan, top performers produce 10 times more than the average worker, while they often require less than two times the pay.

Your top performers are truly your most strategic asset to ensuring long-term success and require not only a strong talent management strategy, but recognition that their needs may be entirely different than those of other workers. Read the rest of this entry »

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For too long, we have been mesmerised by the talent of the individual. This singular focus has perpetuated the myth of superstar leaders, heroic top performers and up-and-coming talent. Most organisations have the recruitment philosophy of seeking only the brightest and the best, but are these principles enough to deliver the long-term value needed for today’s organisations?

Successful leaders = successful relationships

How is it that a star performer in one organisation fails to deliver equal value in another? By focusing only on the talents of an individual, we underestimate the influence of personal/professional networks, and the alignment between the culture and purpose of the organisation and individual. In his article Being the change you want to see: developing the leadership culture at Ernst & Young, Peter Hawkins highlights that successful leadership resides in the relationships leaders create, not within the leaders themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Leading with your strengths

08 Jun

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      Marshall Goldsmith, winner of the Thinkers50 Leadership Award 2011, believes too many leaders are stuck in their ways. His presentation: ‘What got you there won’t get you there’, and recent research conducted by people management consultancy, Capp, suggest that the failure to realise this results in ineffective management and burnout.

      At a time of increasing pressure to get more women into the boardroom, fellow Capp director Alex Linley and I offer examples of how female leaders can align their leadership strengths to situations and strategy. In this way, we ignite leadership performance and resist overplaying strengths.

      Read the rest of this entry »

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