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As a consultant change manager, I rarely have all the information from day 1. In fact, the conversation often goes something like this: “Here is the project title and the spec; it was written 6 months ago and has changed quite a bit. Here are a few recent emails and the main person to speak to is Frank Smith. Don’t forget, Frank can only speak to you on Friday for 17 minutes. OK, so project plan sorted and final delivery date by Monday then?”

Maximise change management potential

This might sound laughable, but with time pressure in organisations greater than ever, it’s a common tale. As new change managers, our role is not necessarily to know all of the answers regarding the organisation, but rather to ask the right questions. We will only know the right questions when we understand what we are trying to achieve. Read the rest of this entry »

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Work culture: it’s the heart of the organisation and the backbone of the business. It’s your values, vision, and mission. The culture brings all employees together to create a common set of principles and a shared language. It helps make and shape business decisions.

When things get tough, having a strong culture generates a greater sense of trust, keeps things on track, and preserves the integrity of an organisation. Embedded correctly, they form a roadmap for brand integrity. On the flip side, some say the notion of articulating and embedding an organisation’s culture and values is just a fluffy HR notion that serves little purpose. Why is it that in some organisations (think: Innocent, Google), values form the basis of everything they think, say and do, but in others the subject is ignored? Read the rest of this entry »

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Much has been written on how to get the best out of people. Too often, however, employees do not have a good enough incentive to actually give their best. Reasons to work harder are often couched in boosting the bottom line benefits which are far removed from the employees’ own interests, or yours as an HR professional.

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